Top 10 Most Confusing Wife Logics That No Hubby Can Understand

The marriage is always not happy because we love in the beginning of life but we will construct our love right after that and follow up the same through-out the life. Yes! If the wife is wonderful then she is precious like jewels.  But there are few women they are like monsters. Marriages are really happy if husband and wife had an understanding relationship and think that they are at the same side. You have humble and caring wife then you have happy life.

There are some illogical logics by woman that makes no sense. They are the real reason to start a fight and can make simple things to complicate. This relationship is called as Psychological because one is called as Psycho and another one is logical. Here we have shared some of the non understandable wife’s logic.

  1. The BJ’s!

They are completely has the enough entertainment on this.They have already fascinated you enough.