SIGNS – High time to leave your partner

Well when we are into relationships, many of us have already unfortunately had an eye-opening experiences.

If we are lucky to make our first mistake as our last one by realizing our faults and if we try not to repeat again. But most of us already gone through many of such time where we fell in love so much and over the time it could turn out be  poisonous.

Sometimes we don’t even get it, that we are in mess until it’s too late to resolve it and try holding it back.

The time when we fall in love with a person, we are so much into him/her that we start loving each and every habit of them.

In fact it makes you feel they are so attractive, intelligent and a hero what not… But later when you look back at an ex, you will be like what the hell were you doing throughout your relationship.. Don’t  you think so…?


Here are the signs which gives you a clarity about our own relationship that it is the time to step out of it.


Though it just happened once, you got a hit from your partner when they are drunk, after some deep arguments. That’s the point where your partner who used to be very protective about you has come to a stage to harm you physically or mentally.


Though you try to forgive him for the first or forget about that very first time your partner harmed you. But after if it’s getting repeated then don’t blame them because that is thing which can be removed from your mind or the scar of it.



If your partner is addicted to any kind of bad habits like drugs, alcohol or any such which would create problems in your relationship and which may be betrayed of your trust then its better you leave instead of being their therapist.

Its okay you need not feel bad about it as your partner is not reciprocating though you have put your efforts to change his habit.


If at all your partner is cheating on you, it’s a clear thing that you are no more a special person to them anymore. Though you forgive your partner for the first time after that if you can’t be able to treat them in the same old way or can’t trust them again then its better you get out of it instead of just not being wholeheartedly in the relationship.


If your relationship is just being physical and sex then you should know that within no much time that relationship will come to an end.


Always communicate as much as possible to your partner whatever you have got on your mind instead of keeping it to yourself which might be small issue but may lead to big argument. Your partner could be frustrated and things go wrong which brings the relationship to an end.