Nobody’s perfect. Least of all our Bollywood movies. All you need is a ‘ paar ki nazar ‘ and boom, there are mistakes everywhere in our desi movies.  But lets give those guys a break, people. After all, to err is Bollywood, to forgive isaudience .

Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of some silly Bollywood movie mistakes. Check them out. We guarantee, you’ll watch the original videos again once you go through this list.

Ready? Let’s roll

1. In 1892, an over didn’t have 6 balls. But in Lagaan they did.

The movie is set in 1892 and each team gets 6 balls per over. However, in those days, England allowed only 5 balls per over. Howzzat?

2. In Krrish, Preity Zinta is pregnant for 2 years?

Rohit has been in Singapore for the past 2 years. His wife who has been in India all this while gets pregnant. How did that happen?  Maybe the picture tells you how.